Friday, November 6, 2015

Room For Improvement

This expression has become a sort of running joke in my family. Growing up, I always heard from my father that in his own youth, no matter what kind of grades he brought home from school, if they weren’t straight As, his own father would always tell him, in a loving way I’m sure, “Room for improvement!”. As a youngster, that bothered me a bit. It was different from my own experience. I don’t ever recall being told that about my own grades. What I remember most is being told to just always do my best and then striving to make my parents proud. It disturbed me to know that my father would get that kind of reaction if his results were less than perfect. Let me just add that my father is one of the kindest, smartest, most generous and hard working people that I know. So I imagine my admiration for him gave a little fuel to that mild resentment I was feeling. Over time though, I got over it, and in fact in my family we often use the words “room for improvement” to tease one another when a situation permits. Coincidentally, I think it’s also a fun way for us to evoke the memory of my grandfather.

By now I’ve gone so far as to come full circle in my thinking with regards to those memorable words.  In part, the maturity of adulthood allowed me to entertain a new perspective. Spiritism, though, is what really has really given that idea of “room for improvement” such significant meaning. I learned in Spiritism that we existed before this material lifetime, and we will continue to live on when it’s over. Just as importantly, who we are and what we know, today, is not a product of this lifetime alone. Nor are we done learning or becoming! Though it sounds cliché, it’s true; life is a journey. In this pilgrimage of the immortal soul, we are gradually acquiring knowledge and virtue. We are far from perfect; in fact, have tons of room for improvement.

Spiritism has given me motive to work actively and consciously on my own progress. It has taught me that I am accountable for my actions, not because I will be damned to hell for the mistakes I make but because life is about choices and their consequences, good or bad.

Today I can fully appreciate those words that my grandfather left imprinted on my father’s youth and the legacy it has become among those who love him.  I want to always keep in mind that I am on a journey toward becoming a perfect spirit but there’s a whole lot more of that road yet to travel. So let those words be my mantra, my battle cry, my daily reminder that my future is in my own hands.

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Blessings to all, today and always


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This post is dedicated to my grandfather, who I love dearly, miss much, and thank often for this important life lesson that for me was first handed down through my father and later became reinforced, actually taken to a new level, through the knowledge of Spiritism.

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