Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And So It Begins. The Very First Post!

Welcome to the Explore Spiritism blog! This new space is the latest addition to existing resources offered by the Leon Denis Spiritist Group.  Our Explore Spiritism website is a gateway into the discovery of what Spiritism is all about, offering a structured format to learn more about the fundamentals of Spiritism.  The Explore Spiritism and Leon Denis Spiritist Group Facebook pages help us to build awareness about Spiritism and put us in contact with like-minded individuals across the globe. 

◊ ◊ ◊

Still, there are things yet to say, ideas to share, and discussions to have! There's news to be spread and information to ponder. The Explore Spiritism blog will provide a forum to make things a little more personal with commentary, reflection, and exchange. 

LDSG is all about seeking to understand and reflect on our spiritual existence, inspired by the life-changing perspective of Spiritist knowledge.  This blog will offer one more way to shine light, spread love, and share the blessings of Spiritism.

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Thanks and see ya on the blog!


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