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Like "A Fly On the Wall" of Heaven

Viewing Our World Through André Luiz and Chico Xavier’s Spiritist Novels: the “Life in the Spirit World” series

We often say that books, novels in particular, have an incredible way of transporting us to other times and places. Together with our imagination, novels allow us to be elsewhere, observing and taking in sights and sounds that we may not otherwise ever have a chance to experience.

What if we were talking about a true story novel and the “place” we were transported to was the spirit world, where we could watch the lives of others play out from the perspective of an invisible observer able to see a scene taking place in both the spiritual and material dimensions?  In witnessing the many ways that the two realms interact with one another, we’d learn more about these exchanges that continuously happen all around us even though we are largely unaware of them as we go about our daily lives.  Through revealing details about the spiritual past of the novel’s incarnate characters’, we could gain unique insight into the motives behind the actions they took as the story unfolded, and we could learn more about the ways that discarnate sprits (from enemies to guardians) both perceive and influence those actions. We could also observe more about what goes in the spirit world itself and discover what life is like in the discarnate state.

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All of this is exactly what we find in the “Life in the Spirit World” series of novels written by spirit author André Luiz, through the psychography of the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. I, for one, am a huge fan of these books. André Luiz’s novels remind me of that expression about being “a fly on the wall”, in other words sitting quietly somewhere and observing everything going on without being noticed - just taking it all in.

It is, of course, very important to study the fundamentals of Spiritist teachings, through books like those of Allan Kardec, Léon Denis, and others. These books nourish our personal reservoirs of knowledge and inspiration, sharing truly enlightening concepts and incredibly moving words that inspire courage and hope. However, like the student who first reads about theory in a text book and then goes into the lab or the field to observe the object of study in action, we have so much to learn from André’s novels which serve as a perfect complement to those foundational, Spiritist books. 

Page by page, the editions from André’s “Life in the Spirit World” series take us on unique learning expeditions in which the Spiritist concepts come to life. In fact, it is often the journeys of André Luiz, himself, that become narrated by way of his novels. As readers we get to accompany him and learn right along with him. 

Below you will find a description of each of the books available in English (at the time of this post) and other related resources that I encourage you to check out.

The "Life In The Spirit World” series of novels.
- by Andre Luiz (spirit author) and Chico Xavier (medium)

The following are descriptions of those from this series that have been translated to English. Descriptions are as found on the back cover of each.

Nosso Lar

“Nosso Lar is the name of the spiritist colony that the spirit Andre Luiz introduces in the first book of his acclaimed series.
In a compelling narrative, the author tells us of his impressions and discoveries about life in the spirit world, acting as a sort of journalist who records his own experiences as they occur.
Andre Luiz unveils to us an exciting world, filled with life and activity, and which is organized in an exemplary way. It is a place where discarnate spirits go through a recovery stage and a spiritual educational process supervised by high order spirits.
Nosso Lar enables us to get a glimpse of the spirit world that awaits us after we leave our physical bodies.”
- in publication of translation © 2010 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, authorized edition printed in 2010 by Edicei of America. [original title in Portuguese, Nosso Lar, 1944] 

The Messengers
 “This book reveals that physical death unveils a spirit life that ever-evolving. In fifty-one chapters, it describes the experiences of a number of spirits who reincarnated with preplanned endeavors needed for their personal spiritual growth.
Additionally, it deals with subjects such as: home Gospel worship, the benefits of practicing the good, carelessness regarding one’s spiritual obligations, and the fear of death. The spirit author focuses on the service opportunities for mediums, warning them about the need to practice on a personal level what they learn in order to avoid returning to the spirit world without having fulfilled the duties they assumed before reincarnating.”
- in publication of translation © 2008 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2008 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Os Mensageiros, 1944]
Missionaries of the Light
“In this volume, Andre Luiz unveils the secrets of reincarnation, revealing the task of missionary spirits in charge of the rebirth process.
The spirit author affirms that physical death is not the end.  He also stresses the importance of self-effort in the struggle for self-empowerment.
In twenty chapters, he talks about his continued learning experience in the spirit world, the perispirit as a living body that molds the material cells, reincarnation guided by high order spirits, and the different aspects of mediumistic manifestations.
Missionaries of the Light teachers that Divine Providence always grants people new arenas of work through the incessant renewal of life by means of reincarnation.”
- in publication of translation © 2009 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2009 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Missionarios da Luz, 1945]

Workers of the Life Eternal
 “Five people, who devoted their entire lives to the practice of good, are at the end of their physical existences. Due to their merit, they have the help of a spirit rescue team. The spirit Andre Luiz tells about his experience as a member of such a team. This is an enthralling narrative that reveals details of the tasks performed by spirits at the moment of the death of the physical body.
In this book, Andre Luiz confirms the principles revealed by the Spiritist Doctrine regarding the existence of the spirit world, where discarnate spirits dwell, living a new life while preparing to return once again to the earthly journey.
‘…Death does not extinguish friendly cooperation, mutual support, comforting intercession or the evolutionary endeavor.  The vibratory dimensions of the universe are infinite as are the worlds that populate the immensity of space.’'

- in publication of translation © 2008 y the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2008 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Trabalhadores da Vida Eterna, 1946]

In the Greater World
 “In this volume, Andre Luiz focuses on aspects of life in the spirit world and the communication between discarnates and incarnates, especially during the sleep of the physical body.
The spirit author explains the causes of mental disturbances and presents their respective spiritual treatments.
In the form of a novel, he also analyzes topics such as abortion, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and Downs Syndrome and highlights the immediate rescue given by invisible workers to those who need help in order to avoid - as far as possible – madness, suicide and extreme moral disasters."

- in publication of translation © 2010 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2010 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, No Mundo Maior, 1947]

 “In this compelling narrative, Andre Luiz emphasizes the work of high order spirits in the effort to convert the spirit Gregario to the Good, an effort that culminates with the unforgettable reencounter with his mother – herself a highly evolved spirit –wherein he surrenders to the irresistible call of Love.

The book also contains information on how unhappy spirits act as they try to involve incarnates in their wiles.
The spirit author tells of the intercession of high order spirits on behalf of human beings, demonstrating the divine compassion that grants to all the blessed opportunity to free themselves by means of study, labor and persevering service in the practice of the Good.'"

- in publication of translation © 2013 y the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, authorized edition printed in 2013 by Edicei of America. [original title in Portuguese, Libertação, 1949]

Between Heaven and Earth
 “This is a novel that offers information about the relationship that exists in the activities of the spirit on the two planes of life.
Renewing his interest in our inner improvement, Andre Luiz tells the moving story of Amaro, Zulmira, Odila, and other characters, recounting the events of their previous lives from the time of Brazil’s War with Paraguay (1864-1870) through the days of old Rio de Janeiro (early 1900s).

In its preface, Emmanuel assures us that “the basic pictures of the narrative are intimately familiar to us”, such as family dysfunctions, the torment of jealousy, and the daily struggle for moral progress.

Each page of Between Heaven and Earth discloses new knowledge and emotions.'

- in publication of translation © 2011 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2011 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Entre O Ceu E A Terra, 1954] 

In the Realms of Mediumship
“In this book, André Luiz analyzes the various aspects of mediumship, emphasizing the efforts of mediums faithful to the spiritual mandate received prior to their reincarnation.  He also warns of the risks involved in the poor interchange between the two worlds. 
The book talks about trance, somnambulism, possession, clairvoyance, the out-of-body experience, fascination, psychometry and the mediumship of physical effect, among others.
It is a technical study of great relevance, which discloses the ways in which Spirits act during the intricate process of communication with the incarnates.  It relays concepts of spirituality, received from enlightened mentors, contained in explanations of philosophical, scientific and evangelical nature, indispensable to those who dedicate themselves to the study of mediumship."

- in publication of translation © 2011 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2011 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Nos Dominios da Mediunidade, 1955]

Action and Reaction 
"In this volume you will find a description of the lower regions of the spirit realm and the suffering to which the guilty conscience is subject after the death of the physical body.
Andre Luiz presents studies of real-life cases and offers guidance regarding paying one’s spiritual debts, the law of cause and effect, preparations for reincarnation, collective expiations, and the value of prayer.
The spirit author shows that the possibilities of our current existence are connected to our actions in past existences, just as our actions of today will condition our possibilities in the future."

- in publication of translation © 2010 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2010 by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, Ação e Reação, 1956]

Sex and Destiny
 “What effects will the sexual experiences and conduct of incarnates have on the immortal spirits in their future life, their destiny?
Rich in detail, the books by Andre Luiz depict the spirit world: how spirits live, their habits and the relations of cause and effect that influence the evolutionary trajectory both of incarnates and discarnates, delineating their life, their destiny.

In this book, readers will find the answers to their questions about human sexual relationships and their implications for the future life of the immortal spirit, enabling it to ‘learn by using the library of experience.’
Sex and destiny, love and conscience, freedom and commitment, guilt and redemption, home and reincarnation are the topics of this book born in the forge of everyday reality.'

- in publication of translation © 2013 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, authorized edition printed in 2013 by Edicei of America. [original title in Portuguese, Sexo e Destino, 1963]

And Life Goes On
“This book presents a description of the human being after disincarnation and demonstrates that, in the Beyond, the mental state of spirits directly impacts their existence there.

 In 26 chapters, it tells the story of real characters who receive the help of spirit friends upon disincarnating. These friends encourage them to renew themselves spiritually through study and work in order to prepare to review and untangle the meaning of the lives they have just finished, thereby enabling them to pursue a more constructive course of behavior for their future.”

- in publication of translation © 2009 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, as published in 2011 (2nd ed.) by the International Spiritist Council. [original title in Portuguese, E A Vida Continua, 1968]

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Thank you for reading!

Blessings to all, today and always

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